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Enterprise Engagement Platform

Manage all internal and external communication with one mobile solution. Streamline operations, information flow, training, sales, marketing and engagement across your entire enterprise.

Reinventing Mobile Technology

Entourage is on a mission to tech-enable every purpose-driven and progressive brand

Messaging & Surveys

Allows users to have real-time access to their admin via chat, audio and video messaging.

Custom Brand Awareness

We tailor each platform to include robust offerings while maintaining a streamlined experience and design

Digitized Instructions

All crucial information will be digitized and updates to empower information flow in a mobile handbook

Personalized reminders

Everything from automated event reminders to urgent notifications empower engagement

Multimedia Library

Users have access to a multimedia resource library consisting of relevant articles, testimonials, event promos, product demos, brand videos, podcasts and more

Social Media

Everything from automated event reminders to urgent notifications empower engagement

24/7 Online Support
Airtight Security
High Speed Performance

Why All Brands & Businesses Need Mobile

How the App Works:

Case Study For Social Clubs

Custom web-based admin portal

Each organization receives a custom web-based admin portal where all user engagement is hosted and organized *One Single Source of Truth*

Receive Notifications in Mobile App

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Data Analytics Reporting

Social Clubs, Leadership Teams, Fundraising Boards, Associations,Chambers of Commerce, Networking Groups,Entrepreneurial Accelerators, Government Organizations

Our Story

Led by the belief that anyone can grow with mobility

Entourage was built by serial entrepreneurs, enterprise technologists, marketing moguls, venture capitalists, community leaders, philanthropists and career operators.

In the digital age, our mission is to democratize mobile education, communication and engagement for purpose-driven brands. We’ve brought multi-million dollar, world-class technology to progressive enterprises.

Problem & Solution

The only TWO reasons any company wouldn’t have a mobile app for internal and external communication:

Problem #1 Lack of technical know-how (Sourcing credible software developers, implementing/training, automating processes)
Problem #2 Budget for developing an on-brand, robust solution

Solution #1 Entourage board has representatives from Oracle, Tesla, Synapse Florida, Tampa Bay Wave and MacDill AFB. Our award-winning technology has been developed by software experts who have built apps for 3M, Bridgestone International, Johnson & Johnson, Rolls Royce, Lyft, etc. Our board, developers and implementation specialists have simplified robust technology soup-to-nuts to have your entire organization’s processes digitized and automated within 3 weeks of our engagement.
Solution #2 The average cost of building an enterprise front-office solution ranges from $500k – $1MM.
Although Entourage has spent $2MM+ on our Research & Development, we have built a lean infrastructure that allows us to offer our solution to small & mid-market companies for an annual price-point of $5K-25K.

Satisfied Customers

5/5 Overall Ratings

“I was able to replace three disparate software systems with this solution. Internal and external mobility has streamlined every department’s processes. 10/10 endorsement for Entourage. ”

Ben Sever

CEO Champa Bay Sports

“As a thought leader in speed-to-market Agility, this is the #1 product for enterprise engagement. Very few solutions can pull of the ideal triple threat: user-friendly, mobile and robust. Entourage nails all 3″

Maria Matarellli

Formula Ink

“As Chairman of a large non-profit with high information flow, Entourage is my secret weapon. Every affiliate now has our mobile handbook and a single solution for all engagement and crucial info.”

Pete Blum


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